Lose Weight In Baton Rouge By Eating Thapa’s Vegetarian Dishes

So my wife and I stopped in at The Himalayas Restaurant in Baton Rouge this Saturday to get some well seasoned vegetarian dishes prepared by Mr. Thapa and family today.

As we pulled up, Mr. Thapa’s grandson was waiting at the door and gave both me and my wife a big wave from the door. In fact, it was such a warm greeting, that I secretly believe that he is getting paid to greet people…lol…:)

Anyway, much to my dismay, Mr. Thapa wasn’t there when we visited…he was actually out buying goat for the dishes at the restaurant.

Are You A Vegetarian In Baton Rouge, LA?

If you are, then there is something that you should know about.

It is the Sambar at The Himalayas Restaurant in Baton Rouge on Sherwood Forest Boulevard.

Now if you are a vegetarian and you stay away from red meat, then I probably don’t have to tell you about the health effects of red meat.

But what I will tell you about are the health benefits of eating traditionally prepared Indian and Nepali vegetarian dishes like the Sambar as seen here:

Sambar Vegetarian Stew